Special models

Pipe Welding Robot
For field welding and prefabricated welding of pip
Product Introduction

This product is adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic pipeline, the pipeline is fixed, no need to lay track and manual guidance, to achieve automatic tracking welding of all positions of the pipeline, can achieve multi-layer and multi-pass welding, beautiful weld formation, ensure welding quality, improve welding efficiency, reduce costs, and improve manual labor conditions.

Product Advantages

  • 1Welding process database records to ensure smooth implementation of process requirements and reduce management costs.
  • 2Two weeks of training for primary welders can be skillfully operated, reducing labor costs
  • 3Two sets of laser tracking systems, up welding down welding process can be performed.
  • 4Pipe fixation, robot tube crawling, both on-site and prefabricated
  • 5Portable design, small size and light weight, convenient on-site transfer.
  • 6Real-time autonomous tracking of welds, no need to lay track, no manual programming teaching