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Postdoctoral Research Workstation

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Job title
Post-Doctoral Research Center

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for modeling various sensors of mobile robots and developing multi-sensor data fusion algorithms.

2. The research and development of autonomous navigation and positioning algorithms for robots mainly include multi-sensor information fusion, path planning, and dynamic obstacle avoidance based on depth cameras or lidars, IMUs, odometers, and other technologies.

3. Research on key technologies of image processing system for welding robot project, including but not limited to: seam image acquisition, seam detection, seam recognition, seam tracking, etc.

Job requirements

1. Fresh doctoral students are preferred, majoring in mechanical, automation, electromechanical, computer, materials or other related fields;

2. Academic integrity, strong project research and development, hands-on experimentation, and organizational skills;

3. Passionate about scientific research work, strong self driving ability, good teamwork ability, high enthusiasm and work focus.

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