Special models

Building steel climbing welding robot
Automatic welding of large building steel structur
Product Introduction

Building steel structure wall climbing welding robot is a trackless guide crawling, self-identification of weld all-position welding robot, using wheeled magnetic adsorption structure, mainly composed of robot body, electrical control cabinet, laser weld tracking system and welding load, can meet the requirements of large-scale building steel structure automatic welding.
Product Advantages

  • 1The equipment is simple to operate and easy to learn, and equipped with multiple welding processes, quickly applied to projects.
  • 2With an integrated solution for the construction steel structure industry, it can solve the problems of equipment transfer, rain prevention and welding wind protection at the project site;
  • 3Wide range of applications, can solve the cylindrical and rectangular frame column welding;
  • 4No track, no manual intervention, independent movement along the seam, stable welding quality