Universal models

Trackless All Position Crawling Welding Robot
Automated welding of large structural components
Product Introduction

These Universal robots can freely crawl on the surface of magnetic conductive workpieces without the need for laying tracks or manual guidance, achieving automatic tracking welding of large structures in all positions such as horizontal welding, flat welding, vertical welding, overhead welding, curved welding, 1G to 6G etc. It can achieve multi-layer and multi-pass welding, with beautiful weld formation, ensuring welding quality, improving welding efficiency, reducing costs, and improving workers' labor conditions.
Product Advantages

  • 1Horizontal, vertical, and full position, straight surface, three-dimensional surface, solving multi scene production tasks.
  • 2High strength long-distance continuous welding, beautiful weld formation, and stable quality.
  • 3Welding process database records to ensure smooth execution of process requirements and reduce management costs.
  • 4Two weeks of training for beginner welders can proficiently operate, reducing labor costs.
  • 5Integrated design of robot systems, convenient transportation of equipment on the construction site.
  • 6Real time autonomous tracking of welds, without the need for track laying and manual programming for teaching.